Wrists and Spine

Do everything as above except after holding the dumbbells in your hands, slowly turn your wrists and forearms until they face up. Slowly turn them down again and up again… Read more »


The exercises given below will help enhance the strength, endurance and flexibility of the muscles, but will not help in fat loss in this area. To reduce the fat you… Read more »

Advice & Training

One of the most rewarding aspects of having a club   website is the ability to share advice and up to date information on training techniques, nutrition and what to do… Read more »


exclusively to individuals or small groups in search of authenticity and humanism, to discover the most exceptional destination for fine dining they can dream of : France Off the French… Read more »

Focusing on the Chef

Besides focusing on fun recipes, guests also learn how to work with both everyday and exotic ingredients, apply the latest techniques and experience the newest food trends and meal preparation… Read more »